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High-Grade Aluminium Engineering Auckland Provides

If you are a client that is in search of a good engineering firm, you will know it is important to seek out a professional unit that is willing to put in the time to get to know you and the project. For someone in search of such quality, you will only think of one name, and that is IJS Engineering.

Let’s take a glance at why this is the finest aluminium engineering Auckland provides in this day and age. You are just not going to find specialists of this quality anywhere else, and that is where the value is.


For those who are looking to find the finest aluminium engineering Auckland provides, you will know customization is the first thing you are going to have on your mind.

You want people to come in who are able to take your needs and get them onto paper in a manner that is real and quick.

You not only will get that, you are going to receive a team that is able to take those needs and turn them into a tangible solution after the project is complete because that is what you want.

Handle Large Orders With Ease

What if you have a larger order where multiple things have to be done at the same time? Who do you go to in this regard?

IJS Engineering is the right firm because you will have a team that can churn through larger orders and make it look simple at the same time.

You are not going to stress because this is a team that has handled larger orders in the past and has made sure the quality remains the same for its clients.

This is what the best aluminium engineering Auckland has to offer.

On-Site Maintenance Offered

If you have had a project done that requires maintenance work, you will know it is not going to be done on your own. It is going to take a sharp eye to come in and make sure the maintenance takes place in an efficient manner. If that is what you are pushing for, you will want to look at this firm right away in New Zealand.

You are not going to find better maintenance work than this, and the quality will be above all other options.

IJS Engineering can offer a plethora of specialists who can come in and look at all that you require in the short and long-term. All of it is going to be broken down for you to figure out what has to be done next. You will be able to appreciate the value that is brought in.

Those who are not able to get a solution that is ready to go will despise the value that has come. IJS Engineering does not leave you disappointed and is always willing to work alongside your needs to make it all come together.

This is where you get the best aluminium engineering Auckland has to offer.

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The Finest Lake Tekapo Liquor Store

Are you a fan of liquor? Well, if you are coming over to Lake Tekapo, you are going to want the finest kind with the gorgeous view in front of you. This is when you will be able to visit Lake Tekapo Tavern and gain access to some of the best liquor in the world.

This is the kind of liquor that is going to appeal to you for a long time to come, and that is how it should be.

Here is more on why this is the right Lake Tekapo liquor store for you.

Knowledgeable Staff

What about the staff that you are going to be meeting when you come to the tavern? With this Lake Tekapo liquor store, you can see staff that are going to know what you would want and will be able to guide you towards it.

They will not just be there to offer you minimal service. They are there to make sure you are immersed in the process and can enjoy the liquor at the same time.

Plus, the view is great, and that certainly is something you will enjoy as the icing on top.

Great Collection

When it comes to a good Lake Tekapo liquor store, you will have to think about the collection you are going with. When the collection is not spot on, the rest of your problem is going to fall apart as well.

You want to make sure the selection is excellent, and this tavern understands that to a tee.

They have a collection that comes from all around the world along with some local items that are just as good as the international ones.

You will be able to go through all of them to find the one you want.

Scintillating Taste

It is the taste that you are going to care about because you are drinking it for enjoyment. You don’t want the liquor to be stale or something you wouldn’t put anywhere near your mouth.

Some taverns do this, and that is not good for the body at all.

You want to be out in front of this as much as you can be, and it has to begin with the right liquor store. This is the one that is going to do it for you in the area and is going to appeal to you without a doubt.

You will be able to come to this quality Lake Tekapo liquor store and know that the liquor you are getting is of the highest order. You are going to know all of the liquor that comes through is proven to be the best and is going to be tested.

You are not getting liquor that is poor or is going to be watered-down to appeal to you. This is the real deal and the collection at the Lake Tekapo Tavern is one that you will love. It is the best kind of collection you could ever find. This is the kind that will win you over.

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How to secure your baby and have fun at the same time!

Selecting a version for the family can be broken down into several measures to make the procedure simpler. Which you finally choose will come down to getting the attributes and accessories you feel like you want. Below are a few things to think about when selecting the playard that is appropriate for the small one.

Measure 1 – What’s the main use you’ve got planned for the best pack and play? This might be the most significant question. Your strategies for the infant merchandise will discover which features you may wish to be sure to contain. Would you like it replace a crib, as well as to double for a crib? You ’ll want one. If you only anticipate using the underside mat for a play place for a soon-to-be-toddle, you might not want some of the other attributes.

Measure 2 – How significant is portability? All the various versions were created to be folded up so they are able to be transferred between places. However, many of them have feet or folding legs and they fold compactly than other versions. You’ll need to contemplate those that fold up the streamlined in order that they are the most harmonious with air travel, if you ‘re planning on taking it on flights. It’s going to fold up if you simply need to transfer it from room to room in your own home, but it does’t must be quite as streamlined.

Measure 3 – Do I want casters or wheels? Versions and different brands have various kinds of feet, wheels or casters that all change the way in which they’ve been transferred through the entire house. Wheels make the playard simple to roll from room to room when you get it where you are interested and they typically lock in place. Some are difficult to roll around, and have feet or casters that provide lots of support. These can nevertheless be transferred readily through the home, but only do’t have wheels to move it around.

Step 4 – What kinds of “extras” do you desire or desire? Once you’ve determined the fundamental model that’s going to work best for your own scenario, then you’ll need to choose what additional attributes might function as most useful for you. Do you need a diaper changing station? Would that be useful for you? A storage bin includes a few of the most used versions now that is available do you need one that’s this tool that is useful or would you rather do without it? Some also feature soft toy pubs for infants. Another additional that is popular is a noise machine. This makes soft background noises, or plays with music to help infants fall asleep simpler and stay asleep more.

You’ll have a much better notion of what you’re trying to find once you go through these simple steps. These measures should allow you to narrow your choices down to only a couple that will definitely work for you.

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Nail Art Stencils


One thing that defines the beauty of a person is physical appearance.The use of nail art stencils has played a major role through creativity of different nail designs of patterns and prints for different occasions or showcase of creativity especially for women.

Types of Nail Arts Stencils.

They are two main types of nail art stencils

Ready-made stencils

These can either be single use nail vinyls or re-usable stencils. The single use stencils are usually adhesive What you need to do for better outlook is simply pull off the stencil, adhere the sticky cutout to your nail, paint it in any colour that is not transparent for contrast that to see the colour of the polish beneath and finally peel off the stencil.

On the other hand re-usable stencils are made of flexible sturdy plastics and can be tapped in place around the edges or side as one paints. They are mostly wheel or strip shaped with several and multiple designs for blending and making attractive layers. One can clean them easily for reuse. Examples of readymade stencils are reindeer nail art, easy DIY wall art and flower petals on nails among others.

Home-made Stencils.

These are prepared in four steps;

1.Place a pattern paper in a sheet protector and be careful while cutting off the shaded pieces. Remember that the shape should fit well on the nail and not be complicated. You can use a sharpie to make little attractive designs.

2.Having cut nice shape out of the sheet protector, place a piece of tape(the hole from the sheet helps you cut the tape properly) on it and remember not to push down on it, instead apply the least pressure possible.

3.Ensure all the pieces you want are cut out on the tape to prevent the nails getting destroyed upon wetting them.

4.Paint the different shapes, patterns and colours you want.

How to Apply Nail Art Stencils.

This has seven steps;

1.Apply the base coat tat is normally colourless. This is to protect your nails.

2.Apply a colour changing nail polish to the nails and allow it sometime to dry.

3.Select your best nail stencil and carefully remove from the packaging sheet.

4.Position the stencils properly on the nails you want and be gentle to press them downwards.

5.Apply a second colour changing nail polish and let it dry.

6.Slowly and carefully remove the nail stencils from the nails.

7.Apply a top polish to coat the nail. This should be colourless to show the patterns and colour of the stencils.

Points to Consider While Applying the Nail Stencils.

Don’t use transparent or semitransparent nail polish to see the designs created with the colour of the nail polish. The stencil is laid perfectly flat and straight on the nail. You can adjust it by lifting it up softly and repositioning it correctly.

Stick the stencil well on the nail before painting with nail polish. Ensure no air pockets are left between the nail and stencil and most specifically where the cutout shape is stuck on the nail. Completely dry off the base coat before applying the stencil. To see this check if it’s sticky and if not press your finger tip against one of your fingernails and see to it that no fingerprints are left behind.

Peel the stencil off the nail immediately after painting and don’t allow the polish to dry with stencil on the nail. Otherwise, the design lifts off the nail together with the stencil. Instead, lift it from one side and stick it back on the supporting paper if you want to reuse it.


The nail art stencils are a source of beauty allows us to protect our nails, and showcase our creativity among others. Therefore we should make optimal use of the many varieties of the nail art stencils that are available.


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iPhone vs Android

The battle of the century

Remember when Apple sued Android over rounded corners? If you haven’t heard about this read the following article;

Can you believe that Android had to pay Apple over 500 million dollars over round corners?! That’s like suing a lamp company for having a light switch that flicks on and off.

Anyway that wasn’t the point of this post but I thought I would just point out the absolute ridiculousness of that lawsuit.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the iPhone vs Android debate recently.

I’ve had an android phone my entire life but I’m seriously considering switching to an Android phone.

Everyone knows that I’m an audiophile (heres a pic of my modest setup);



(Sorry for the very blurry photo it was late when I took it).

If you want to know about my setup it goes as follows; Sennheiser HD 650 = O2+ODAC = FLAC Audio files.

Anyways I’m going off track again

One of the things I hate the MOST about android is just how awful the native music app is. It supports some of the strangest files, but doesn’t support other quite generic files (no FLAC support for example).

Whilst the iPhone music app doesn’t support FLAC either (yes I know hypocrite right). It is much more sleek and quick compared to the native android one. I started using my very old iPod touch in my car to play music through my Bluetooth adapter. It is so much better and easier to play music off my iPod then Android by FAAAR.

I also find the lighting dock iPhone 6S charger, is far better then the Android charger. It’s much less finicky and it fits in much better (simply because of the magnetic adapter with the iPhone).

Anyways I should probably sleep, it is 2 in the morning now. Lemme know what you think about Apple vs Android in the comments!


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My holiday in Winter Park!

I’m a huge ski fan.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I go to the Auckland snowplanet every other week.

All of 2014 I was planning to go somewhere in the world, that I had never been before for a two week long Ski holiday.

I looked at many different possible holiday locations; europe, Germany etc. However I eventually settled on the beautiful Winterpark located in Colorado in the US (I’ve been to the US before but only LA for a few hour sin a stopover to the UK).

I mean just look at the place and how beautiful it is;

Winter Park Snow_111212_1_web


After months of waiting and saving mah pennies, the week had finally arrived for me to leave for Winterpark.

I would like to give a really quick mention to this locksmith winter park. They offered me a fantastic deal on locking up my ski’s and poles amongst other things when I was just chilling back at my hotel, they didn’t have to do this, they coulda just screwed me over for being a clueless tourist.

I have a bunch of videos I need to put up on Youtube of the incredible Ski trip, only problem is that they are all in raw format from my GoPro.

I’ll probably get round to that post sometimes within the next dew days for you all!

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A short guide on workplace environments

One of the most important parts about choosing a workplace partner, is choosing one that fits into your niche of business. After all the environment of a construction business is going to be completely different to the environment of a lawyer business. We asked our favorite Workplace Partners over in good old Adelaide Australia to write this post up for us.


When asked to describe their workplace experience, different people will have different thoughts on the same issue. There are those who will talk of a great and enjoyable experience while there are still some others who will talk about it as if it is actual hell. People get different treatments in their work place; there are those who enjoy being there while there are those who would switch their place with any other equally paying job. Two people may be working at the same workplace and they could be having two totally different versions of their experiences at the place making it sound as if it is two different places.


So one may ask, how comes these people seem to receive different treatments at the same place? While it might be true that some people are favored over others, the end result of how one is treated at their workplace boils down to them. How one carries themselves around their workplace will in a great way determine how they are treated and therefore affect their experience at their workplace.


Communication is a key factor in the relationships that people build. If a person cannot communicate, it will be hard to tell what they want or how they will be loved to be treated. People with the ability to communicate effectively in many cases tend to enjoy their work experience. This is because they are able to explain whatever they feel that they are not okay with. On the other hand, those that are not able to communicate well are in most cases misunderstood, they therefore end up feeling angry and harbor resentment feelings towards their bosses and co-workers.


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