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Best examples of wedding photography

Found the most incredible article online (you can read it here

In the post we can see some really awesome examples of creative wedding photography. I’m going to include a few of my favorite of the posts below, but please check out the original post if you can :)





Hope you guys thought those photos were as beautiful as I did :)

I have to give a shoutout to one of my best friends David, who does the books for one of the most creative and beautiful Wedding Photographers Auckland company that I know of. You can check them out at

Thanks guys :)

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Accommodation Cleaning; Tips and Ideas

Accommodation cleaning.

One of the most expensive and tedious tasks for any owner of any business that deals with accommodation.

So whats the best way to get the most value for money when it comes to cleaning your accommodation services?

Well I spoke to cleaning expert James who runs a duct cleaning Vancouver business (called armanexpert).

He recommended the following;

One of the best things you can do is research. Research, research, research. After all if you are going to spending money and time on getting the best cleaning services for your business, you want to make sure they are the best services possible. Make sure the cleaning companies have insurance, make sure they have good testimonials (etc). Then begin negations with the company. Try and strike a deal with them. Talk about how much work they will be getting from you and see if you can get a discount from them. 

The most important part about using a cleaning service, is longitivy. Stick with the same company over and over. That way you will build a lasting relationship that will last as long as your business flourishes. 

Thanks James!


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Your Imagination Is The Limit- NZ Water Activities

Your Imagination Is The Limit- NZ Water Activities

Hundred of miles of lakes, coastlines, rivers and coastlines are all over New Zealand. In line with this, water sports have become overly popular. Fishing, surfing, sailing and also diving—they just love the water, if you have ever felt indecisive of what to do in these water waters sums up their feeling. There were a lot of choices waiting for them, thus the people in New Zealand stated that your imagination will be the limit. Prepare to be amazed and in awe.

Check Surfing Out- How about an adventure in those cool waves? Let the fun begin, thrill and freedom surely is a great combination. In New Zealand, they welcome people of different age groups and even stages. Furthermore, wetsuits and boards are open for hire round the clock. Some of their surf schools have good rankings.

 Another thing to look forward to is their beaches, they seem to look undiscovered and uncrowded. Meet the locals; they would love to meet and share the joy they find in surfing. For documentation, they also offer a picture taken during your first ride on the waves, for higher prices, you can even have a video taken along the coastlines.


 Aside from showcasing quality boards and suits, in New Zealand, most of the surfing schools offer free transport to the beach. They also have group lessons done in private for approximately two hours in a day up to a week. Traveling alone will be the same as traveling as a group since most of team there will treat you as their own brother or sister.

Visit New Zealand’s Beach Express- New Zealand has natural attractions; one is their hot water beach. Prepare for a day out; this has been the most sought attraction. There are thermal spas which are self-dug and you can enjoy them to its fullest. Get a flexible schedule and then experience the fun according to preferences you have.

Ecotours And Water Taxi- Have a stunning walk on your way to a beautiful water falls. This part of New Zealand has been secluded and geothermal. Another popular tourist spot is the native forest you can find near the river’s edge. Going to this well-known waterfall can be considered as one of the best walks you have had in New Zealand. You don’t have to worry because there will be a guide who will show you around


Legendary Black Waters- In New Zealand, you can get tours on their black waters. If you have a spirit that’s amazingly adventurous then this is perfect for you. Jump, wave, abseil.Float and climb in this subterranean wonderland that’s glowworm-studded. You can go to an adventure operator for water rafting. It was a huge accomplishment that operators from New Zealand achieved safety records that’s highly excellent.


You will not only look forward for the adventure but will feel at ease that you can try those water activities in a very safe manner. The local guides are very much supportive and helpful to tourists.

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What You Don’t Know About New Zealand – Sports

What You Don’t Know About New Zealand – Sports

Are you an outdoor type of person and loves to explore? Do you love ball games or like to sweat it out inside the court? Or maybe you like the sophistication of golf or may rugby? Or you could be a football enthusiast and just cant wait to kick and shoot. No matter what sports you’re in to, New Zealand can be a place for you.

The sports in New Zealand are greatly influenced by the Europeans. This means that that most of the popular sports played around the area are netball, rugby union, cricket.

Netball is a game popularly played in the commonwealth countries. It is somewhat like basketball as it was derived from its early version. It is a ball sport that is played by two teams each with seven members. The objective of the game is the same with basketball and that is to shoot the ball but instead of dribbling it around, in netball, you would have to just pass the ball. This is a full contact sports that is why it is high monitored.


But for New Zealanders, the game that they are most popular for is the rugby union. Most often called Rugby, the game originated from England and during the early 19th century. The objective of the game is to shoot an oval shaped ball onto an H shaped goal. It is played by two teams with fifteen players each.

Aside from that New Zealand also has a national summer sports and that is the Cricket.Cricket is played by hitting a ball using a bat. It is played by two teams each having 11 members. It is somewhat like the European version of baseball.

New Zealand also participates in the America’s Cup Sailing, as well as world championships, Olympics and Motorsports. Other popular games within the country are basketball, tennis, rowing, golf and so much more.

Another sports that is witnessed by many is the horseracing and equestrian. The biggest race for this sport is the Group 1 Auckland Cup. It is New Zealand that you can find the world most popular horses including Phar Lap. Among the many equestrian in New Zealand, Mark Todd excels in the field as he had been picked as the international Horseman of the Century. It is indeed a great feat. Todd has won numerous awards throughout his career including a gold in the 1984 Olympic Games.


New Zealand also caters to many water sports including canoeing, surfing and sailing. Aside from that Extreme sports is gaining a lot of popularity in the country. Many locals as well as visitors come to the country to experience bungee jumping and zorbingin which both of the sports were invented there. Zorbing is where a person is placed inside a big transparent orb and it is rolled downhill.

Now who can say New Zealand is boring? If you’re fed up of the traditional sports, you can pick their extreme sports and you will surely enjoy it. Have yourself a wonderful trip and enjoy New Zealand.

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The War That New Zealand Fought

The War That New Zealand Fought

New Zealand fought a lot war and it was long and lasting. Most of the wars that the country has faced is among their own, the fight between the Maori and the Government Forces. This war is called the Maori Wars. By now you would have known that the first settlers of New Zealand are not the European troops but rather the Polynesians who travelled all their way to the country.

These groups of Polynesians are called Maori and they have come to live their lives in quiet land. But soon after, a group of European voyagers discovered New Zealand and built settlements. After many years, conflict between both parties grew and caused a massive war outbreak in the land.

But before war ever happened, a treaty was already signed documenting equal rights between the locals, Maori and the European settlers, Pakeha. The treaty was called the Treaty of Waitangi. It was witnessed by the British Crown Representative as well as many Maori Chieftains. This happened in 1840.


But several years after in 1845 a war broke out between both factions which lasted until 1872. At first the war was due to petty property conflicts but it seriously escalated in 1860 when the government believed that they were now facing Maori resilience and that they also believed that the group did not acknowledge the Crown rules.

Because of that, the European government called for their massive troops and ordered for the over powering of the Maori King Movement. Although it was clear that there was an imbalance in the war between the government troops and the Maori, the latter still found a way to survive using techniques as well as building pa in the hills. Their Pa settlement greatly helped in protecting their group from the attacks pa areaof the European troops. During the course of the Taranaki and Waikato war, many Maori lost their lives as well as the European troops.

Many of the Maori’s land properties were confiscated by the government. This was in line as a punishment for rebellion as stated in the New Zealand Settlements Act in 1863. Even after that, in 1872, struggles with regards to land ownership still prevailed. Even though there were no physical attack, there were still armed police assault happening. Even up to this day, this kind of conflict still prevails.

There are many heritage sites that are still present today. The Department of Conservation has managed to keep them as a tourist attractions for locals and foreigners alike. Learning ones history is very critical in the formation of one’s personality. If you want to get to know more about New Zealand’s beautiful history, there are many war sites that you can visit at.

There is the Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve and the Ruapekapeka Pa Historic Reserve in the Northland. You can also find the Fort Galatea Historic Reserve and Te Paripari Pa Historic Reserve at the Bay of Plenty. But if you have landed in Auckland, you can visit the St Johns Redoubt Historic Reserve and Camerontown Historic Reserve before you hope to the towns of the country.

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The Sea and New Zealand’s Maritime Heritage

The Sea and New Zealand’s Maritime Heritage

A country’s maritime is critical in it’s success. The water that surrounds an island can determine whether it is a fit location for commerce, business or trade. Aside from that a maritime can also serve as a defense or offense of a country when the time of war comes. But not only that, the sea also serves as a source of income, food and so much more. That is the reason why it is very important to handle the waters well.

In New Zealand, maritime plays an important part of the country’s history. New Zealand is composed of two islands, the north and the south and they are divided by a small body of water. It is surrounded by water, thus the first settler of the land came in to the country using some sort of a canoe or boat in order to travel from one point to another.


The Polynesians called Maori are the first settlers of the island. They came in riding the canoe. After several years, European explorers built a settlement in the country and used steamed ships to bring in supplies, travellers, food and other trade materials.

This only goes to show how critical sea water navigation is to New Zealand. Travelling from one town to another used to take an overnight boat ride before. The use of water vehicle has been present in the history of the country. The Maori’s travel expeditions are seen in the marks and illustration of artifacts.

Aside from that, the country has accumulated 1500 ship wrecks within their area from 1840 to 1940 and all these wrecks have been compiled in to a single book. There are also several lighthouses which are used by boatman to safely navigate their boats.


Even though these have been passed down to history, many of these heritages are still intact and kept well by historians. A great example of this is the lighthouse found in Cape Brett. Building a lighthouse is costly and expensive during the old times, but for safety, many areas felt the need to built one. The lighthouse found in Cape Brett remains intact up to this date.

Not only that, there are many maritime heritage sites being managed by the Department of Conservation that are open to the public. There are several heritage sites found in Subantartic Islands such as the Castaway Finger Posts, the Derry Castle Grave site or the Grafton Wreck. If you are coming from Auckland then you can pass by the Pokohinu/Buress Island Lighhouse or the Rangitoto Ships’ graveyard.

But if you want more, you can always visit the New Zealand Maritime Museum found in Hobson Wharf Auckalnd.This the the premier maritime museum oif the country and it is adjacent to the Viaduct Harbour.

In the said museum you will find historical artifacts staring from the Polynesians travellers up to the recent warships and competition winners. So come and enjoy the diverse historical beauty of New Zealand. Make sure that you enjoy both the land and sea tours of the country.

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