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Shoutout time!

I recently worked with a business that did the absolute best quality work I have seen in many many years

The company was; and

Just look at the quality of the windows they developed for me;



Because of the awesome work they did, I promised them a quick promo shoutout on the blog :P;


Based in Auckland we provide a stunning modern range of windows, doors and conservatories to homeowners across the region. Specialising in our own brand of PVC-u products we guarantee the highest standards of manufacture, the very latest technology in design and a range of choices in style and finish to fit beautifully into any home. From double glazed windows to French doors and vertical sliding sash windows, you’ll find all the latest innovations at Unique Windows!
uPVC Double Glazed WindowsOur range of stylish and
modern UPVC windows and
doors includes;

Windows Auckland

Wooden windows Auckland

Composite residential doors

Slidex patio doors

French doors

Bi-Fold doors


Rooflights and roof lanterns

In addition to supplying this superb range of windows we can also offer homeowners a complete installation service by our own expert team. Poor fitting can make even the best windows and doors under-perform so we always recommend utilising experienced installers, our team have many years of experience, work to the highest standards and guarantee you a consistently friendly, quick and tidy service.

So guys go check em out! At

Mention me (james) and they may give you a sneaky discount

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What does an Insurance Broker do?

It seems to be the most common thing but what does an insurance broker actually do?

To figure out we went to a recommended insurance company and asked them the question;

So whats the difference between an insurance broker and just a normal insurance company?

Finsol – Its a great question and one that we get asked quite often. An insurance company is a company that deals with the technicalities of insurance. They sort out how much to pay out in the case of an accident (think Health Insurance NZ ) and they figure out how much to charge there clients based on that information

An insurance brokers nz is someone that figures out the best insurance company for YOU and the lifestyle that you live. For example at Finsol we deal more with young people, so we take that into account when we try to find the best insurance company that will deal with them. Think of us as the middle man, that helps you find the best deals that suit you and the lifestyle that you live.

Great answer! Make sure you check out Finsol’s website at;



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Latest Local Business Findings

Hey everyone!

Time to update you all again of the coolest shit I’ve found on the net as of late.

Well no point fucking around, lets get straight into it!

SEO – Yes another SEO company. However these guys are actually good I promise! Used them on so many projects and cannot recommend enough!

ShowBox - Great app I found via Allows you to really easily watch TV shows on your smart phone. Awesome app.

Ultragrind – Great brick and mortor business. They do all sorts of renovations to your property (such as Polished Concrete) at such a high standard. Great business – I needed to hit the gym after a long time of sitting on my butt doing nothing! But you know what I thought, I was gonna take a shot in hell and get a personal trainer. I just Eif and they did an absolutely awesome time.

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Forget Your Emergency Signage, it Will Keep Working Anyway

Photoluminescent fire exit signs are an excellent response to a problem that is often overlooked. In the modern big business and industrial world of large, fully-enclosed buildings, structures which often feature interior rooms and winding lengths of corridor without any access to natural lighting, the safety hazards brought on by a reliance on artificial lighting twenty-four hours per day must be addressed. In the case of an emergency situation, when your employees and other visitors might need to get to an emergency exit for a rapid evacuation of your building, it becomes necessary to account for a possible failure in lighting — resulting in a potential mass of people, in a building which may be on fire or structurally unsound, groping about in conditions of complete darkness which we, as human beings, are not designed to cope with.

Flashlights are useful tools — but one can’t put too many options into the hands of people in this kind of a situation, particularly within a potentially dangerous industrial environment. There, too, flashlights are not self illuminating; they require batteries, which must be checked periodically to ensure that they are still viable. Even a completely unused battery connected to a flashlight’s circuit and ready to go at the flip of a switch will experience a slow power drain over time.

What is Photoluminescence?

Photoluminescence is a reference to the natural chemical processes, inherent to certain materials, by which photoluminescent fire exit signs are able to provide enough light to make themselves visible — and to be seen from as far away as seventy-five feet. They do this by means of a phosphorous coating on metallic letters against a dark, contrasting background — usually red, green, or black. If properly installed in a location which, under normal conditions, receives at least five foot-candles of illumination while your building’s standard lighting is operational, the photoluminescent fire exit sign will absorb photons from the light that strikes it. Once that light source goes out — in the event of a generator failure, an electrical system blackout, or the collapse of the computerized system which controls your building’s lighting — the photoluminescent fire exit sign will release its stored photons slowly over time.

This slow release allows for a dim but steady glow — not enough light to read by, but more than enough to be visible under otherwise dark conditions — which may last for up to several hours.

Photoluminescent fire exit signs are self illuminating. They require exposure to normal lighting under normal conditions, but they don’t require their own source of power, and do not need to be connected to a source of electricity. This makes them extremely easy to install, using only basic tools; you don’t require the services of an electrician or other professional. A photoluminescent fire exit sign will last for decades, theoretically even centuries of use, will never “fail,” and requires only the occasional dry wipe to ensure that no dust or other obscuring particles get in the way of the sign’s phosphorescent glow.

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Search Engine Optimized

Are you looking to promote your business through an online marketing channel? Do you know how helpful this could be? Yes! Online marketing is nowadays an asset to promote ones business. There are several ways you could promote your business using online tools which majorly include, SEO- Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a strategy or a technique that is used nowadays to increase the number of visitors viewing your website by simply obtaining a higher ranking on the search bar of a page, for example Google, Yahoo, etc.

A business when grows, generates and brings traffic to the website. As much as there is traffic on your website, it will automatically bring you sales and sales bring profits. So it is very important to hire the correct SEO company who can promote your business to the right audience in order to get you business. While searching for the best SEO agency in London, could be the right choice! If you are looking for the best SEO company in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol or Birmingham then contact They are the best with generating sales for business and promoting it to the targeted market.

Hiring an SEO agency for your business can lead to a number of advantages, a few are listed below:
1. Increases web traffic on your website
The higher the search listings, the faster it brings you traffic. We, as humans always wish to simply click and get to the right point rather than scrolling down through pages in search for it, hence SEO is the perfect and the fastest way to help the audience reach to you.
2. Improves brand credibility
The higher your business is listed on Google, the better the image of your brand is portrayed. Everyone nowadays trusts Google expecting to be provided with the most authentic information, hence occupying the results on the very first page would keep you high in front of your customers.
3. Demand driven
A search engine is always used when there is a need of something. If your website is following the right SEO practice then the user while searching would directly land on what he requires, which would be a fast turnaround in generating sale for your business.
4. Promotion that does not sleep
Since SEO works with the web and internet, you would know that it works 24/7, no matter your office is open or shut. You have a sales person working all day long, answering queries and providing the buyer with adequate details.
5. SEO can help you in achieving your business goals
Since you want more and more business everyday, internet works as a huge market for buying and selling. Therefore, since your goal is to raise sales and gain profits, internet could work as a fantastic plat from to reach a greater and targeted audience.
6. You can easily expand an existing business
Since you are marketing yourself online, it is easy to tap and promote yourself into a completely different market as well. In SEO you have an unlimited reach to the niche market.
These all benefits combine together to bring for your company a huge amount of sales and profits. So without wasting anymore time, hire for your company, the best SEO agency.

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Best examples of wedding photography

Found the most incredible article online (you can read it here

In the post we can see some really awesome examples of creative wedding photography. I’m going to include a few of my favorite of the posts below, but please check out the original post if you can :)





Hope you guys thought those photos were as beautiful as I did :)

I have to give a shoutout to one of my best friends David, who does the books for one of the most creative and beautiful Wedding Photographers Auckland company that I know of. You can check them out at

Thanks guys :)

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Accommodation Cleaning; Tips and Ideas

Accommodation cleaning.

One of the most expensive and tedious tasks for any owner of any business that deals with accommodation.

So whats the best way to get the most value for money when it comes to cleaning your accommodation services?

Well I spoke to cleaning expert James who runs a duct cleaning Vancouver business (called armanexpert).

He recommended the following;

One of the best things you can do is research. Research, research, research. After all if you are going to spending money and time on getting the best cleaning services for your business, you want to make sure they are the best services possible. Make sure the cleaning companies have insurance, make sure they have good testimonials (etc). Then begin negations with the company. Try and strike a deal with them. Talk about how much work they will be getting from you and see if you can get a discount from them. 

The most important part about using a cleaning service, is longitivy. Stick with the same company over and over. That way you will build a lasting relationship that will last as long as your business flourishes. 

Thanks James!


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