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iPhone vs Android

The battle of the century

Remember when Apple sued Android over rounded corners? If you haven’t heard about this read the following article;

Can you believe that Android had to pay Apple over 500 million dollars over round corners?! That’s like suing a lamp company for having a light switch that flicks on and off.

Anyway that wasn’t the point of this post but I thought I would just point out the absolute ridiculousness of that lawsuit.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the iPhone vs Android debate recently.

I’ve had an android phone my entire life but I’m seriously considering switching to an Android phone.

Everyone knows that I’m an audiophile (heres a pic of my modest setup);



(Sorry for the very blurry photo it was late when I took it).

If you want to know about my setup it goes as follows; Sennheiser HD 650 = O2+ODAC = FLAC Audio files.

Anyways I’m going off track again

One of the things I hate the MOST about android is just how awful the native music app is. It supports some of the strangest files, but doesn’t support other quite generic files (no FLAC support for example).

Whilst the iPhone music app doesn’t support FLAC either (yes I know hypocrite right). It is much more sleek and quick compared to the native android one. I started using my very old iPod touch in my car to play music through my Bluetooth adapter. It is so much better and easier to play music off my iPod then Android by FAAAR.

I also find the lighting dock iPhone 6S charger, is far better then the Android charger. It’s much less finicky and it fits in much better (simply because of the magnetic adapter with the iPhone).

Anyways I should probably sleep, it is 2 in the morning now. Lemme know what you think about Apple vs Android in the comments!


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My holiday in Winter Park!

I’m a huge ski fan.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I go to the Auckland snowplanet every other week.

All of 2014 I was planning to go somewhere in the world, that I had never been before for a two week long Ski holiday.

I looked at many different possible holiday locations; europe, Germany etc. However I eventually settled on the beautiful Winterpark located in Colorado in the US (I’ve been to the US before but only LA for a few hour sin a stopover to the UK).

I mean just look at the place and how beautiful it is;

Winter Park Snow_111212_1_web


After months of waiting and saving mah pennies, the week had finally arrived for me to leave for Winterpark.

I would like to give a really quick mention to this locksmith winter park. They offered me a fantastic deal on locking up my ski’s and poles amongst other things when I was just chilling back at my hotel, they didn’t have to do this, they coulda just screwed me over for being a clueless tourist.

I have a bunch of videos I need to put up on Youtube of the incredible Ski trip, only problem is that they are all in raw format from my GoPro.

I’ll probably get round to that post sometimes within the next dew days for you all!

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A short guide on workplace environments

One of the most important parts about choosing a workplace partner, is choosing one that fits into your niche of business. After all the environment of a construction business is going to be completely different to the environment of a lawyer business. We asked our favorite Workplace Partners over in good old Adelaide Australia to write this post up for us.


When asked to describe their workplace experience, different people will have different thoughts on the same issue. There are those who will talk of a great and enjoyable experience while there are still some others who will talk about it as if it is actual hell. People get different treatments in their work place; there are those who enjoy being there while there are those who would switch their place with any other equally paying job. Two people may be working at the same workplace and they could be having two totally different versions of their experiences at the place making it sound as if it is two different places.


So one may ask, how comes these people seem to receive different treatments at the same place? While it might be true that some people are favored over others, the end result of how one is treated at their workplace boils down to them. How one carries themselves around their workplace will in a great way determine how they are treated and therefore affect their experience at their workplace.


Communication is a key factor in the relationships that people build. If a person cannot communicate, it will be hard to tell what they want or how they will be loved to be treated. People with the ability to communicate effectively in many cases tend to enjoy their work experience. This is because they are able to explain whatever they feel that they are not okay with. On the other hand, those that are not able to communicate well are in most cases misunderstood, they therefore end up feeling angry and harbor resentment feelings towards their bosses and co-workers.


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What is the average cost of braces?

When a dentist tells you that you need to get braces, one of the things that first comes to mine is how much those railway tracks are going to cost to put onto your teeth. So how much will braces really cost?

Well there are a number of different types of braces and their cost can range a significant amount.

When it comes to the actual wire that is used on your teeth, there are many different types that a dentist could use. Each one has its pros and cons, we will talk about two of them now.

Traditional – These types of braces are the most common that you see on a young person with crooked teeth. Brackets are places on their teeth and then wires are wrapped around the teeth to keep them straight. The price of these braces can range anywhere from 4000-6000 dollars, of course at the end of the day it all depends on how long you are going to keep your braces for (this is something you should discuss with your dentist).

Invisible – Clear braces are a more attractive option for braces amongst young people these days. They are more hidden (as they are clear). This is usually the choice of young people these days as they are much harder to see and therefore bullying from other children is a lot less prevelant. However because the braces are plastic they tend to need to stay on longer then traditional braces, which to some people can be frustrating if they want braces on for as long as possible. Therefore the cost for these braces are between 5000-7000.

If you’re looking for a braces quote I highly recommend Freedom Dental, they offer competitive prices and give an incredible high quality of service.

Go check em out!

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Best cleaning quotes in Auckland

As spring rolls around, it’s time to start cleaning.


There’s nothing nicer than a clean house to come home to after a long days work and if you do a good enough job, you won’t have to clean as often.


The best way to clean is to get a logical order to things. If you find the right order you won’t have to clean the same thing twice and it will take half the time.


Firstly, wipe down shelves, tables and other furniture. Get rid of all that dust and grime and all the furniture will look just like new. Dust can make anything look old and decrepit, it’s best that you dust more often than other types of cleaning. Not only will it make things look nicer, it will help children and other occupants of the house with respiratory problems such as asthma.


Once this is done THEN vacuum (and if you are seriously too lazy to vacum call up and get a bloody quote would you).. If you do this after the first step you will not only suck up everything on the floor but you’ll also pick up anything that was wiped off furniture earlier. This will save you from finding more dirt on the carpet after vacuuming. A good tip is to find a good power head for your vacuum.


This will seriously make your carpet look new as it will get rid of all of the deep down dirt embedded in the carpet. Once this is done you should also mop any lino floors as they may be dirtier than they seem.


This is a simple way to get everything clean fast and make your house feel comfortable and hygienic.

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Shoutout time!

I recently worked with a business that did the absolute best quality work I have seen in many many years

The company was; and

Just look at the quality of the windows they developed for me;



Because of the awesome work they did, I promised them a quick promo shoutout on the blog :P;


Based in Auckland we provide a stunning modern range of windows, doors and conservatories to homeowners across the region. Specialising in our own brand of PVC-u products we guarantee the highest standards of manufacture, the very latest technology in design and a range of choices in style and finish to fit beautifully into any home. From double glazed windows to French doors and vertical sliding sash windows, you’ll find all the latest innovations at Unique Windows!
uPVC Double Glazed WindowsOur range of stylish and
modern UPVC windows and
doors includes;

Windows Auckland

Wooden windows Auckland

Composite residential doors

Slidex patio doors

French doors

Bi-Fold doors


Rooflights and roof lanterns

Aluminium joinery auckland

In addition to supplying this superb range of windows we can also offer homeowners a complete installation service by our own expert team. Poor fitting can make even the best windows and doors under-perform so we always recommend utilising experienced installers, our team have many years of experience, work to the highest standards and guarantee you a consistently friendly, quick and tidy service.

So guys go check em out! At

Mention me (james) and they may give you a sneaky discount

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What does an Insurance Broker do?

It seems to be the most common thing but what does an insurance broker actually do?

To figure out we went to a recommended insurance company and asked them the question;

So whats the difference between an insurance broker and just a normal insurance company?

Finsol – Its a great question and one that we get asked quite often. An insurance company is a company that deals with the technicalities of insurance. They sort out how much to pay out in the case of an accident (think Health Insurance NZ ) and they figure out how much to charge there clients based on that information

An insurance brokers nz is someone that figures out the best insurance company for YOU and the lifestyle that you live. For example at Finsol we deal more with young people, so we take that into account when we try to find the best insurance company that will deal with them. Think of us as the middle man, that helps you find the best deals that suit you and the lifestyle that you live.

Great answer! Make sure you check out Finsol’s website at;



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