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A guide to vacationing with a baby or toddler

Are you intimidated at the thought of vacationing with baby? Wondering if it is possible to even have any fun with your little one in tow? It is easier to have fun when you’re alone, we know. Thinking of how you can survive this vacation with your baby? Here are a few tips that will make this vacation absolute fun for you and your little one.

The Trip

Preparation is key, everybody knows that, so whether your method of getting to destination vacation is road or by air or boat, prepare yourself for the best by doing the following.

  • Plan ahead –determine how long your trip is going to be and schedule an activity every minute. Write it down in a notebook, and don’t wing it. That way, you have a timetable that is going to help the hours fly by.
  • Keep a change of clothes handy for both you and baby. Everybody knows that with baby in tow, there are millions of things that could not go according to plan. Prepare for that big blowout by keeping everything you might need to deal with it handy.
  • Pack a few familiar items from home to help soothe your baby.
  • Plan frequent stops if you’re travelling by road to give both you and your little one a well-deserved break.
  • Make sure you have adequate travel insurance. When you’re travelling with your family you want to know that everything will be taken care of if things go wrong. AMI travel cover includes all the important stuff, like medical and hospital treatment, lost luggage, personal liability and getting you and your family home in an emergency.

The Destination

The trip to your perfect holiday destination is just the beginning. Making the best out of your holiday depends largely on having the perfect plan. Here are a few holiday ideas that you can enjoy; even with your baby.

  • The beach. The sun, the endless sea, the waves and all the fun for people of all ages. The beach is a perfect holiday destination if you have a baby on your trip. Be sure to check that the beach at your holiday destination has a lot of family attractions and services.
  • A national park. Take your little one on an enjoyable hike through nature. Discover nature in all its wildness, beauty and give your tot the chance to enjoy vibrant colours in flowers and trees, real animals that you happen upon and lots of sun. Extra points if the national park at your destination has activities directed at babies and children.
  • Theme parks. Ever since their inception, they have been a favourite family destination. Find a theme park at your destination and your holiday with your little one won’t seem like such a bad idea after all.
  • All-inclusive resorts. There are several family-focused all-inclusive resorts guaranteed to give you the perfect holiday. The upside of holidaying at an all-inclusive resort is the fact that you will have a specific idea of just how much your holiday is going to cost you. Another advantage is that resorts that are family focused can give you babysitting services so that you and your spouse get a chance to have “alone time” during the vacation.

The Baby gear

Travelling with your toddler in tow and wondering what to bring along and what to leave behind? It might be hard to make the right decision. The list below tells you a few important things that you need to carry along. If you can’t find it on this list, then you can improvise if you need it while on the trip.

  • Diapers- the general rule of thumb is one for each hour that you’re going to spend in transit and a few extras for delay
  • Changing pads- so you can change your baby anywhere.
  • Blankets for the baby- at least three.
  • Wipes- well, to wipe everything! From food spills to spit-ups and anything else.
  • Plastic bags so you can easily store your messy clothes, soiled diapers and anything else till you can properly dispose of them.

Travelling with a baby can be fun and rewarding but that’s only if you have the right approach.


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